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About Valley Improvement Association

Get to know us

Valley Improvement Association (VIA) is a property owners association in Valencia County, New Mexico.  VIA has been in existence since 1969 upon the formation of several sub divisions and communities created by Horizon Corporation.  Though VIA is not associated with Horizon, it has a legal authority for the enforcement of covenants and restrictions for several Horizon created communities.  Through the years VIA has been the driving force for creating and maintaining recreational facilities such as parks and bike paths, developing roads, extending utilities, donating school sites, creating jobs through its involvement in economic development and developing communities.  This was made possible by an annual property assessment that collectively helped move the communities forward.  VIA’s ability to further assess properties has diminished, we now rely on volunteer membership in order to continue to represent property owners. Though VIA no longer has the resources in order to carry out many of the things it once did, it still plays a vital role in the oversight, management and control of the communities it serves.  VIA manages Rio Del Oro containing some 47,000 acres as well as Canyon Del Rio containing approximately 14,000 acres. In addition to RDO and CDR, VIA is also responsible for covenant oversight and management of Las Maravillas (Unit 1), Pasitos Del Cielo (Units 1-5), Enchanted Mesa and Playa Verde (located within the City of Rio Communities). Whether through covenant enforcement, involvement in economic development, range management or basic oversight, VIA plays a vital role in protecting both resident and non-resident property owners and their rights. It’s through the support of the property owners that VIA will be able to continue to protect those properties.


What is VIA? VIA is a non-profit New Mexico corporation organized as a property owner’s association for tens of thousands of residential lots created in Valencia County, New Mexico, in the early 1970’s by Horizon Corporation. VIA is completely independent of Horizon Corporation.

What does VIA do? VIA’s activities over the past twenty years have included participation in the extension of water and sewer utilities, maintenance and improvements of parks, streets and roads, covenant enforcement, environmental protection, subdivision development to attract private development capital, industrial recruitment and support, and the development of a university branch college and several public schools. These efforts are founded on the goal of promoting the interests of its members.

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