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The Area


Valley Improvement Association continues to manage our 61,000 acres towards the east mountains in the Valencia County area. The management helps to maintain and protect lands of owners throughout the world. 

VIA has worked with The University of New Mexico as well as the Belen and Los Lunas Schools to provide land to school sites in the area. With VIA's help, we have aided in bringing higher and primary education to students in Valencia County. 


Las Maravillas- VIA developed Las Maravillas in the early 80’s, this 600 home subdivision, has a park with a pond and streetscape maintained by VIA.  In addition to the maintenance of the common area VIA is responsible for covenant enforcement for the 300 residents in unit 1 of Las Maravillas. Unit 1 of Las Maravillas continues an annual HOA assessment to VIA.  Las Maravillas is located in the Rio Del Oro sub division off of the Manzano Expressway, it is conveniently located near schools.

Pasitos Del Cielo- VIA developed Pasitos Del Cielo and continues the covenant enforcement and maintenance of streetscapes in the community.  VIA also enforces the covenants and restrictions for this neighborhood community located within the Rio Del Oro sub-division just east of the University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus.

Enchanted Mesa and Playa Verde- Located within the City of Rio Communites, VIA continues its covenant enforcement of this area, though no annual HOA fee is assessed on these areas.


Rio Del Oro- Contains some 47,000 acres of pristine, picturesque property.  Located on the north eastern portion of Valencia County, Rio Del Oro contains several subdivisions developed and managed by Valley Improvement Association.  VIA developed roadways, extended utilities, bike paths and donated school sites to portions of Rio Del Oro, thus creating a potential for future residential and commercial growth. VIA continues its covenant enforcement and range management of RDO. 

Within Rio Del Oro lies Tome Hill, which at one time was owned by VIA but was transferred to the Historic Town of Tome for future education and history preservation of this historic site. 

Commanche Springs is also located within Rio Del Oro, this 100 acre archeological preserve site has had numerous studies done as to its history. 

Canyon Del Rio- Contains approximately 14,000 acres of remote breathtaking property.  CDR located at the south eastern portion of Valencia County, abutting the Manzano Mountains.  VIA created roads, water retention tanks, fencing and extended electricity to a portion of CDR.  VIA continues its covenant enforcement and range management of CDR.


The brighter future of New Mexico 

In Late 2018 and into 2019, PNM has built 2 new 100-acre solar collection sites in Rio Del Oro, this means good, clean energy is being generated in our back yards.

Public Service Company of New Mexico announced it will be Carbon Free by 2040, this equates into some very good news for people in New Mexico. The reliance on clean energy makes sense in New Mexico, with our vast abundance of sunshine, PNM understands that investing in solar energy makes sense. The reduction of coal powered plants is becoming a thing of the past, VIA supports the efforts of PNM. 


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